The Sound of Adventure

Beauty, clarity and elegance

Craftsmanship, sound design and the latest technology

We are Saltwood Sounds and our aim is to build speakers that will capture your attention and enthral you with the spirit of the moment.

Featured in Navarra Capital

“Speakers inspired by the ocean and built by hand”

Natural woods
and organic shapes

Warm, tactile, resilient and considerate to their environment; they will stand proud and compliment any interior.

Discover a world where craftsmanship, sound design, and the latest technology converge to create an enthralling audio experience. These speakers are designed to deliver the utmost audio standard, bringing together highest grade state-of-the-art components within acoustically matched enclosures. Crafted from natural woods and adorned with gorgeous organic shapes, these speakers are not just an auditory experience but also a visual delight.

True Audio-Visual!

An auditory experience and a visual delight.

Their warm, tactile, and resilient presence not only stands proud in any room but also effortlessly complements any interior decor. In terms of designs, the speakers are designed with timeless patterns in mind, and physically, they have a solid weight to them.

We’re proud of the craftsmanship: enclosures that are meticulously crafted from precision-cut Baltic birch.

Guided by values and ethos

Our mission is to deliver the upmost audio standard, with state-of-the-art components within beautiful and acoustically matched enclosures.

Our values

  • Groundedness, as we build from the ground up
  • Taking risks to stay true to our spirit
  • Creating something of beauty, clarity and elegance
  • Enabling the creativity of other artists to flow through
  • Capturing your attention and imagination
  • Enthralling you with the spirit of the moment

Saltwood products

Floorstanding speakers

Large floorstanding speakers for living rooms and corporate rooms.

Small speakers

Speakers for shelves (subwoofers and smaller speakers).


Furniture, accessories and art built from offcuts from the speakers.

Seeking the quintessential glimpse of kairos

“And they’re the real deal, they’re not the sugar high, so they never get old. I don’t think I will ever get bored in my lifetime of bottomless blower powder and making link turns for 3000 feet on a blue sky day with friends because the neuro somatic inputs are there, they’re real and they’re back to present tense. And the same with an absolute tear-a-hole-in-the-floor dance party in front of an ultra high-fidelity sound system by a live band or a producer. Those moments are quintessential glimpses of kairos, and kairos doesn’t ever get old by definition.”

Jamie Wheal talking about the neurological importance of natural highs