Sprint 4: More prototyping and site enhancements

Today begins our fourth two-week block of work (sprint) that we’ve planned together.

Next steps

Craig’s aiming to finish up the prototypes, design the dimensions for coffee table, in preparation for a physical prototype in a couple week’s time. I’m going to integrate an eCommerce gateway and investigate shipping options, with the aim that people can buy online in preparation for when people start going crazy for the herringbones. I’m also going to harmonise the site identity with some new designs (see below) and set a few more pages.

Coffee table

After doing some experiments for the coffee table size using existing coffee tables and playing around with some cardboard cut outs as well as picture frames (the 3:4 ratio is very eye-pleasing) we’ve come up with a couple of options. The height is still the main consideration as it needs to be relative to the sofa. Craig maintains that lower heights (30 cm) are more in vogue.

New name

We’ve also learnt in the meantime that the side table is better known as an ‘occasional table’. The thinking is that such tables are used occasionally, but always essential when it is needed. When not in use, it can be easily positioned to be a living room feature to compliment any living room or office. We liked the name and have decided to change the name to ‘The Herringbone Occasional Table’ with immediate effect! It’s a bit more quirky and intriguing.

New designs

We received some new design suggestions from Craig’s designer sister-in-law. The logo integrates the herringbone pattern into an icon (and identity) and also hints at the tree or pine pattern, which is equally fitting. The circle is also pleasing.