2021 – Sprint 7: Promotion, Chevrons and ‘Authenticists’

We spent quite a bit of time reflecting and then thinking about next steps. The first three months we were really about building things up. This quarter is about extending the reach and bringing customers closer. But to do that we need to, at the very least, get a few things in place before we could sell to anything to anyone.

I think the upcoming promotional objective is going to be tougher, simply because building stuff is our bread and butter – that’s what we’ve been doing for most of our lives. Selling and marketing are still quite new to us. And it’s not easy. And who wants to do it?

Wouldn’t it just be great if we could just put something online and people will instantly start buying it? And only get positive feedback.

Realistically, people need to find out about us, they need to know what we’re selling, why, and so on. So we’ve got to tell people, and that might mean hearing ambivalence from some people, or some positive noises, but no desire to buy. Basically it’s a potential exposure to disappointment. But any disappointment needs to be quickly turned around into constructive feedback. Hopefully, there will be plenty of positive feedback too!

Getting the word out!

There’s also a logical order to things. If we want to tell people about these products in Spain, we need to build the Spanish site, too. I’ve done that but I used Google translate as placeholder text. Now I need to make sure the language is accurate and the tone is appropriate. So that’s one of my goals.

“Hey-ho, hey-ho, it’s off to work we go…”

Change of tack on the large coffee table

Craig was complaining about the scale of the large coffee table – there over 900 pieces in total! (My first thought was that if this carries on, we need to hire a manager!). But after a bit of brainstorming we came up with a better idea.

What if we could make the pieces longer, thus reducing the number of blocks by half. When we sketched out a design with longer pieces, the pattern no longer looked like a herringbone pattern, but more like a chevron pattern. Well, why not have that as an option too? Some people may even prefer a chevron table, and it’s more efficient for a large coffee table, thus keeping the price reasonable. So after completing the large herringbone coffee table design, (maybe in sprint 8) we’ll get a Chevron Table developed.


We’ve also been commissioned to do some loudspeakers. This was a perfect opportunity because we are developing a new product at basically zero risk. It’s a commission (thus paid for) and provides a template for further development. It may also make SaltWood products of interest to a new type of person – who may not typically be looking for coffee tables.

In fact, by pure chance I was clicking around looking for a new desk when I came across a website – ‘A Guide for the Authenticist Man’. – One who recognises and appreciates classic products. It seemed like the loudspeakers would be perfect for just such a man!

An Authenticist’s Loudspeakers. (Coming soon … )