The New Herringbone Coffee Table

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for both of us. I had a genuine excuse (I was moving house). Craig said he had spent a lot of time working on a huge deck – or at least I think that’s what he said (never know with his Kiwi accent).

Progress and aims

We’re really aiming to promote the new larger herringbone coffee table as the ‘showpiece’, and obviously we needed to get it right . So that’s why it took a bit longer than expected. But we really do need to get it right.

Here’s a first glimpse


The new larger herringbone is made up of 900 pieces of birch.


Craftsmanship, quality and … design!

It’s quite a labour intensive process to piece together all 900 pieces but the result is worth it.

Something we were both talking about was the topic of making this ‘more unique’. After some reflection, the conclusion was, however, that great design is when there is nothing left to take away. I think that’s been achieved!

Great feedback about the quality

Some excellent feedback we got was that it’s much ‘more solid’ than it looks online. So Craig is going to take a video to demonstrate the solidity of these pieces.

Naturally, our first idea was to film the sound of a beer mug being plonked on the table and aim to capture that sound to demonstrate how solid the table is. When I related this idea back to one of our customers, she winced a bit and suggested that maybe we ought to think of something ‘more sophisticated’!

So, we’ve got a photoshoot coming up for the table and then Craig will do a video tour. I’ll aim to get that up asap.

I also need to test the mobile compatibility of the payment processes. If anyone wants to test that for us (i.e. going through the whole shopping cart process, payment etc), we’d be grateful! 😛