Saltwood Photo shoot

Our good friend Nick Darville came round to do some photoshoots. We told him that we needed him to photograph some beauties with nice legs and he came round like a flash.

With a background in big budget films, Nick was the perfect man for the job, being able to choose the perfect angles for these masterpieces.

Previous pictures were taken on phones and any cameras lying about in the workshop – and, what’s more, taken by anyone lying about in the workshop. The difference in quality is remarkable. Not just the quality of the image but also the quality of photography.

I seem to remember once chatting to Nick, and he said to me ‘you know what, my camera is probably more expensive than your car’. I didn’t actually own a car, but I got the message. In other words: He only photographs things that are worth photographing. He still agreed to photograph Craig for some reason… ?

The new photos have been added to the products and will be appearing on ‘the instagram’ in due course.