Saltwood Photoshoot @ Ozeano Studio

We did a photoshoot at the Ozeano Studio in Pamplona together with our friend and professional photographer, Nick D’Arville.

The studio was like a thief’s den – full with objet trouvé that the designers had been collecting over countless years, and which were now beautifully curated in their studio.

We chose an early morning, when the light still flooded into the studio. It started off a bit cloudy so we used a longer exposure, but the cloudcover soon broke to reveal a blue sky and some bright light to shine upon the speakers.

It’s the first photo shoot that we’ve done for the speakers and it took us some time to find the right type of set up and vibe that we wanted. Of course, we wanted some photos with the speakers in the context of a living room, but a new helpful colleagues – Gara and Juna – suggested some really innovative set ups.

And what a creative morning it was.

Ozeano Studio in Pamplona can be visited here: – we are immensly greatful for their help and kind assistance.