In early 2020, Craig Thorburn was tinkering about in his workshop with some offcuts of birch ply, which were left over from making cabinets and other furniture. It was a shame to throw away all these small pieces of high quality wood. But what to do with them? So he standardised them into small, regularly-sized pieces, flipped them onto their side (to reveal the light and dark lines), and arranged them into a herringbone pattern. After that, he added some cherry wood legs and made the first herringbone table.

Our mission

Sustainable hand built art that brings a smile to your home or business.

Our values

  • Beautiful and practical
  • Sustainable and natural
  • Infused with the spirit of the outdoors and the ocean!

About the team

Craig Thorburn

Craig is a trained yacht builder from New Zealand. After working for twenty years in Auckland and London on high-end commercial and residential installations, he has settled in Northern Spain with his family. He now designs and hand builds the pieces you see here.

Craig at work. Craig surfing a big left hander in the Maldives!

Neal Taylor

Neal has a background in software development as a team coach. He is based in Cambridge, UK. His aim is to get all the boring stuff out of the way so that Craig can focus his energy and creativity into creating the best pieces possible. Neal is clumsy and has been banned from entering the workshop, by Craig, in the best interest of the business.

Neal at work. And prior to a swim in a lake at 8ยบ water temperature in Sweden!