Become a Distributor

A desirable and marketable product for your showroom

  • A premium and limited product.
  • ‘Submariner-effect’ – a timeless design that appeals to both men and women.
  • A unique and differentiated offering in terms of materials and aesthetic.
  • Measurable excellent audio performance.
  • Use of rare and scarce materials.
  • Designed with longevity in mind.
  • An inspiring background story, ethos and spirit.
  • A high quality product with attractive margins for a win-win-win (for us, you and customers).

At Saltwood, our journey is not just about creating speakers; it’s about sculpting experiences that resonate with the very essence of purity and elegance.

Elegance in Design, Excellence in Sound

Our speakers encapsulate the Saltwood ethos: speakers that are not merely heard but felt and seen. As a distributor, you offer more than just a product; you deliver an artifact of auditory and thrilling experience

Unmatched quality

With our approach to sound engineering – from ultra-low distortion drivers to the rare Beryllium components – our speakers offer a sound experience that transcends the ordinary. Your partnership with us means bringing this sound to discerning customers seeking a refined and discreet luxury.

Sustainable luxury

Our commitment to using sustainably sourced, FSC-approved materials not only appeals to the eco-conscious consumer but also tells a story of responsibility and care. Join us in a movement that celebrates sound, sustainability, and sophistication.

Not just for ‘audio geeks’

Designed to harmonize with the intricate duet of life, our creations resonate with the confluence of two distinct melodies. In every note, a synthesis that appeals to the essence of partnership, enriching both the bold and the subtle in harmony’s embrace.