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  • The hand built ‘Authenticist’ speakers underway!

    The hand built ‘Authenticist’ speakers underway!

    Work has commenced on the first version of the SaltWood Authenticist Loudspeakers. These have been commissioned by a friend – a real music connoisseur who did all the research into sourcing the best quality components. And who very clearly appreciates the authenticity of some solid, aesthetic and hand built craftsmanship. These are loudspeakers for only…

  • Prototyping the River Table

    Craig’s been working on the river table. The river is epoxy (often used for fixing surfboards) but here the epoxy connects two planks of wood that are connected with self supporting legs. The intention is that this prototype will be completed by the end of the week.

  • Sprint 3 – Next steps

    This is our third sprint (two week chunk of work). By the end of this sprint we’re aiming to get a product page up, expand our online reach, and finish off the latest prototypes (mirror and river table). We’re also planning a Herringbone coffee table so we’ll think about the dimensions in the next two…