The Finisterre 14º-9′ Series

Elegance and clarity

Elegant wooden floor-standing speakers with abundant, crystal-clear sound

A timeless design to harmonise with your surroundings. A sound quality to make you tingle. A gateway to the magic of sound, and an invitation to bring us together and capture our imagination.

Our design ethos

The Finisterres are designed with our Saltwood principles and ethos in mind: natural curves, solid wood, highest quality components.

The curvature of the wood is more labour intensive to create, but whenever we sit back and listen to the sound quality, we remain convinced that it is the right thing to do, and well worth the effort.

Unlike square or box-shaped speakers, the natural curves augment the soundwaves in the music. Or, technical words: the curves limit the baffle diffraction.

In fact, our own theory is that acoustic, instrumental and unplugged music sounds most remarkable with these speakers.

You might hear subtle aspects to the music that you may not have noticed before.

Utmost quality

A timeless design with a structurally sound construction, these speakers are designed – and built – to last.

The Finisterres are built with Birch and solid French Walnut. Matching pieces of wood (from the same tree) are used for the walnut fronts, which means that the speakers are truly a matching pair.

The solid walnut consists of two conjoined pieces to increase the structural integrity and long-lastingness. The wood is sustainably sourced and FCS approved.

And it’s not just an audio experience. It is also a physical experience. Like the hull of a boat, or the bonnet of a classic car or indeed the hips of a beautiful human body, these curves are an invitation to be held by the caring touch of a loving admirer. People instinctively stroke the speakers and comment upon the joy that they sense.

The design is a combination of our love of music, a background in science, and the skill of wood-working craftsmanship.

Victory over distortion

Ultra low distortion extended woofer for an oversized sound from a mid-sized speaker.

Ushindi is the Swahili word for victory and was an inspiration for driver designers when they finally achieved victory over all forms of distortion.

The 8″ drivers employ a unique cone-geometry optimisation to mitigate edge breakups.

The drivers also tackle the challenge of extended stroke performance. In other words, the Finisterres are a mid-size speaker, but perform like a much larger speaker due to the technology of the small cone extended stroke. 

Th ultra low harmonic distortion means that mid and low notes no longer overwhelm eachother (for example, when a drum kit warbles a delicate voice). This is the reason why you will hear new subtle aspects to your favourite music.

The outcome is accuracy, transparency and excellence and ultra low harmonic distortion.

A rare quality

Beryllium is an extremely rare element in the universe – and employed by aerospace design and high end speakers.

Beryllium is a high quality material used in aerospace design and in high end speakers. Beryllium (atomic number 4)  is an extremely rare material in the universe (1×10-7), making is precious and valuable.

These speakers deliver ultra-low distortion over their massive linear range, ensuring that every note, every sound is reproduced with unparalleled precision and clarity. When you choose our mid-sized floor-standing speakers, you’re not just investing in audio equipment; you’re embracing a piece of art that embodies Saltwood’s ethos of purity and simplicity.

Captivating you


Eight inch bass driver

+/- 3 dB

Frequency deviation

1500 Hz


Technical Specifications

The 8″ bass driver is a state-of-the-art unit from Purifi Audio and has ultra-low distortion over its massive linear range.The beryllium tweeter handles the mids and highs with exquisite clarity and poise. Its extremely low resonance frequency supports a crossover at 1300Hz.The Finisterre has a frequency response deviation of +/- 1 dB.

  • Frequency response: 27 Hz – 20,000 Hz (+/- 1 dB)
  • Impendence: 6 ohms
  • Woofer: Purifi Audio PTT8.0X
  • Tweeter: Satori TW29B Beryllium
  • Dimensions: 82/30/40 cm (h/w/d)
  • Weight: appox 40 kg per unit
  • Sold in pairs

Bringing you closer to the music

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