Author: Neal Taylor

  • Handmade loudspeakers!

    Handmade loudspeakers!

    Work continues on a new batch of loudspeakers with top quality electronics. Will be available in three sizes!

  • The hand built ‘Authenticist’ speakers underway!

    The hand built ‘Authenticist’ speakers underway!

    Work has commenced on the first version of the SaltWood Authenticist Loudspeakers. These have been commissioned by a friend – a real music connoisseur who did all the research into sourcing the best quality components. And who very clearly appreciates the authenticity of some solid, aesthetic and hand built craftsmanship. These are loudspeakers for only…

  • Site’s up!

    We’ve registered the Saltwood domain. We chose the .io extention (it stands for Indian Ocean). A lot of start ups use this extention because it’s new, unique and quite memorable. We figured that seeing as New Zealand is in the Indian Ocean anyway, it seemed like a good fit. Of course, we realised afterwards that…