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  • Saltwood Photoshoot @ Ozeano Studio

    Saltwood Photoshoot @ Ozeano Studio

    We did a photoshoot at the Ozeano Studio in Pamplona together with our friend and professional photographer, Nick D’Arville. The studio was like a thief’s den – full with objet trouvé that the designers had been collecting over countless years, and which were now beautifully curated in their studio. We chose an early morning, when…

  • Stuffed and Ready for the Oven (In Time For Christmas?)

    Stuffed and Ready for the Oven (In Time For Christmas?)

    Craig and Al have been in the workshop putting the padding into the Finisterre speakers. It seems as if we’re close to completing these new speakers! These materials help absorb sound waves inside the speaker cabinet, particularly standing waves and internal reflections. This absorption reduces sound coloration and distortion, which can occur when sound waves…

  • Taking Pride in Meaningful Products

    Taking Pride in Meaningful Products

    A few quotes from an online rant that sums up nicely what a lot of people think about today’s world when contrasted to the clips of how people lived in the past. From “Joey vs the World” “There was almost like this collective pride in being a human-being walking amongst their creations. Look at the…

  • Are Speakers An Art Or A Craft? And Are They Useful?

    Are Speakers An Art Or A Craft? And Are They Useful?

    Most people would probably say that loudspeakers are a craft. Certainly speakers that are made of solid natural wood and especially those that are made by hand. But what is a craft? What’s the difference between arts and crafts?  Crafts are typically understood to be something functional – something uselful. Art, on the other hand,…

  • Article in Navarra Capital

    Article in Navarra Capital

    Originally posted in and translated from Spanish. Alastair Waugh and Craig Thorburn settled in Pamplona more than a decade ago with their partners, both Spanish. His love for mountain bikes united the paths of this Brit and this New Zealander, who also share their love for music, surfing and the sea. From this combination,…

  • Testing the new Finisterrre

    Testing the new Finisterrre

    Today Al was in the workshop testing the audio and frequency response for the new Finisterre speakers and adapting them accordingly. A Swiss watch-maker’s attention to detail is required! Resonance and Cabinet Design: The enclosure or cabinet in which the speakers are housed can have resonances at specific frequencies. These resonances can cause dips or…

  • Working on the Finisterre Caskets

    Working on the Finisterre Caskets

    It was a boiling hot summer day and we were doing physical work in the workshop today. There was little air conditioning, so if it’s 38 degrees outside, it was something similar inside too. Here, we’re sanding the caskets.

  • Highlights from the High-End Society Expo in Munich

    Highlights from the High-End Society Expo in Munich

    Craig, Al and Neal travelled to Munich to partake in the world’s premier Hi-fi expo and gathering. Our aim was to get inspired and get advice!

  • Saltwood sounds – complete!

    Saltwood sounds – complete!

    An unbelievable amount of work, creativity and geekery has been invested into these speakers.

  • Handmade loudspeakers!

    Handmade loudspeakers!

    Work continues on a new batch of loudspeakers with top quality electronics. Will be available in three sizes!